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Kamefu::CollectionBuilder Class Reference

#include <collectionbuilder.h>

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Detailed Description

Collection Builder is the service that list a list of directories defined in a configuration file. After retriving the metadata, it adds the info to the database.

During listing of all the files, if a file is a zip file, the collection builder uncompress the zip file to see if the zip file contains a ROM image. Using the temp file (unzipped), the Collection Builder will be able to retrive metadata from the file.

For each file, Collection Builder should use a class obtained from RomMetaDataFactory. If no specific class is required, the RomMetaDataFactory will return the DefaultRomMetaData that read the metadata from KFileMetaInfo. This will be useful for exemple for the MAME system to use MAME database to retrive meta information.

When it has retrived the meta information, it push the meta information to database using Collection Access service.

Michaƫl Larouche

Definition at line 39 of file collectionbuilder.h.

Public Slots

void cancelBuild ()
void startBuild (bool recursive=true)


void beginListDirectory (int numberItems)
void collectionBuildFinished ()
void itemListed ()
void singleRomListed (const Kamefu::RomMetaInformation &romMetaInfo)

Public Member Functions

 CollectionBuilder (QObject *parent=0, const char *name=0)
void setDirectoryList (const KURL::List &directoryList)

Private Slots

void slotBuildCanceled ()
void slotDirectoryFinished ()
void slotInsertItems (const KFileItemList &list)
 Insert items into database. Insert the file list into the database. It expect filtered items. Called when the listing of KDirLister is finished.
void slotListingComplete ()
void slotNewFiles (const KFileItemList &list)

Private Attributes

Private * d


class  Private

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