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Kamefu::UI::KCheckDirectorySelector Class Reference

#include <kcheckdirectoryselector.h>

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Detailed Description

Show a treeview of all directories with a checkbox. This a pretty and useful widget that show a list of all directories on the system. Mutliple directories can be checked. Directories can be recursed if the user want it.

Using this widget is pretty simple

      KCheckDirectorySelector *selector = new KCheckDirectorySelector(this, "selector", true);
      // Retrive selected directories
      QStringList directories  = selector->dirs();

Scott Wheeler <wheeler@kde.org>

Max Howell <max.howell@methylblue.com>

Mark Kretschmann <markey@web.de>

Michaƫl Larouche <michael.larouche@kdemail.net>

Definition at line 56 of file kcheckdirectoryselector.h.

Public Member Functions

void addDirectory (const QString &directory)
QStringList & dirs ()
 Return the list of selected directories. Not returning const because this list can be modified by KCheckDirectorySelectorItem.
 KCheckDirectorySelector (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0, bool recursive=false)
bool recursive () const
void removeDirectory (const QStringList::Iterator &directory)
void setDirs (const QStringList &dirs)
void setRecursive (bool recursive)
QSize sizeHint () const

Private Attributes

Private * d


class  Private

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