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Kamefu::UI::KCheckDirectorySelectorItem Class Reference

#include <kcheckdirectoryselector.h>

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Detailed Description

Item of a KCheckDirectorySelector. This class inherit from QCheckListItem. It does the real listing of the directories. It also paint the item in a different color if the item is active.

For internal use only.

Scott Wheeler <wheeler@kde.org>

Max Howell <max.howell@methylblue.com>

Mark Kretschmann <markey@web.de>

Michaƫl Larouche <michael.larouche@kdemail.net>

Definition at line 119 of file kcheckdirectoryselector.h.

Public Slots

void completed ()
void newItems (const KFileItemList &)

Public Member Functions

void activate ()
QString fullPath () const
bool isDisabled () const
 KCheckDirectorySelectorItem (QListViewItem *parent, const KURL &url)
 KCheckDirectorySelectorItem (KCheckDirectorySelector *parent)
void paintCell (QPainter *p, const QColorGroup &cg, int column, int width, int align)
QCheckListItem * parent () const
void setOpen (bool b)
void stateChange (bool)

Private Attributes

Private * d


class  Private

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