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Kamefu::ZipRomMetaData Class Reference

#include <ziprommetadata.h>

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Detailed Description

Handle ZIP file. Check if the files in the ZIP files containts valid ROM file and extract metainformation from them.

Michaƫl Larouche <michael.larouche@kdemail.net>

Definition at line 28 of file ziprommetadata.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual bool canHandle (const QString &path)
 Check if the file in path can be handled by this RomMetaData Default implementation return false.
virtual RomMetaInformation extractMetaInformation (QIODevice *)
virtual RomMetaInformation extractMetaInformation (KFileItem *item)

Private Member Functions

bool isValidRomFile (const QString &mimeType)

Private Attributes

Private * d


class  Private

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